Your grandmother defined the phrase 23 Skidoo like this: "When in doubt, get the hell out of here now."

You should have considered her words on your 10th birthday.

You remember that past incident where you trapped in a tiny building called the Place, You remember how a mysterious force from another dimension gave you a power of invincibility. Now, a week after your 23rd birthday, you return to the Place, and destroy it once it for all - only to be trapped again.  

All you need to do is make a series of certain action to put out the spell from the Place, and close the portal to another dimension.

However, would you sacrifice your own humanity for the power of invincibility, or preserve everything what makes you a human being?


Developer's commentary:

Finally get to make this under seven days. I was inspired by games that are known for their realism and difficulty such as Pathologic and KGB. So I made the most difficult game I could think by using a premise based on these two game jams' themes. Then it got very difficult that I have to dial it down, and dropped some hints along the way.

The game will generate the solution. On "Not Easy" difficulty, you need a pen and paper to do process of elimination. If you hate yourself, then put on two other difficulities. None of them require process of elimination, but the random solution for "So Hard" shares a same pattern sequence with "Not Easy". You still can speed-run through this with a pure luck.

If the browser is not working for you, then you could download them if you want. I use Linux desktop, but Windows seems used commonly among gamers.

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This is an entry to Godot Wild Jam 23 and Weekly Game Jam 157.

The Theme for this month's GWJ is 'Tiny World'.

And the Wildcards are:

  • Wherefore Art Thou? - Let the player name the protagonist! (used)
  • Dig it! - Feature destructible terrain in your game!
  • Seamless - Make your title screen be a part of the game itself! (used)

The Theme for this week's WGJ is 'Vulnerable Invincible'.


Planning and Coding: All by myself - Jay Whang

Most of the photographs used for the game are Public Domain and came from Wikimedia Commons. Artworks are all PUBLIC DOMAIN, but I'm still going to credit the artist. David Lewis Johnson and Luigi Castellani made these artwork for the tabletop RPG Silent Legion (from Sine Nomine Publishing)

Here are the links:

Music and Sound Effects:
Soundtracks and Sound Effects are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported and 4.0 International

Contains music ©2019 Joshua McLean ( Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Install instructions

If you are dissatisfied with the browser version, then try the off-line downloadable version. Linux and Windows only. Get it before your internet connection suddenly cut off.

Just unzip one of them and you are good to go.


Download 142 MB
Download 141 MB

Development log


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this just reminds me of dan avidan saying 23 skidoo istead of 23 and me holy  shit

I liked the story telling and mechanics/ui. Although I definately needed more hints- I’m fairy sure I only got through because of dumb luck :D